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Ezüstfenyő karácsonyfa - Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling' (konténeres) termékünkhöz most 12.990 Ft-os kedvező áron juthat hozzá. Nézzen be hozzánk. Az oldalon cookie-kat használunk a jobb felhasználói élmény biztosítása miatt, engedélyezéséhez kattintson az Elfogadom gombra Planting Advice for Picea pungens 'Super Blue': Grow in moist but well-drained acidic soil. Shelter from cold drying winds. Can be grown in full sun or part shade. Conifers need good drainage so do not plant in very heavy clay soil Providing year-round interest, this popular Blue Spruce is often considered an improved form of Picea pungens Hoopsii. Picea pungens Edith will provide bright, icy, year-round structure and form to your garden, perfect to use as a foil for other plants, this small evergreen tree is a striking choice

Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) is a beautiful native American conifer. This extremely rustic silvery blue tree reaches the height of 9 - 21 m (30-70 ft) in its region of origin. Nice bluish green color, accentuated by the sharply pointed foliage makes it a perfect conifer for open landscapes and large backyards Picea pungens are native to North America. Super Blue is a very compact selection of Colorado Spruce, raised from a chance seedling of Picea pungens Glauca. It has a very regular conical shape, and beautiful silver blue needles (after the third year), giving the plant a silver blue metallic look Slow-growing, Picea pungens 'Globosa' (Colorado Spruce) is a dwarf, broadly pyramidal, densely branched, evergreen shrub with rigid, silvery blue needles. The attractive blue needles hold their color well throughout the year. A very charming Colorado Spruce that stands out in the garden, specifically in the spring when the new growth is at its most intense blue The Blue Diamond Spruce is a selected form of the Colorado spruce, Picea pungens. That tree grows all through the Rocky Mountains, from Montana to Arizona, and it is always found high up in the hills, adapted to harsh winds and low temperatures

Ezüstfenyő karácsonyfa - Picea pungens 'Super Blue

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  1. Aftercare advice for Picea 'Super Blue': Keep plants well-watered while they establish, especially if planted up in a pot. Remove any weeds and keep well mulched. Pruning Advice for Super Blue Fir Tree: Easy to keep, no pruning is needed. Any damaged branches can be removed if necessary, in late spring-early summer
  2. Jan 1, 2017 - Explore bello tulip's board Picea Pungens, followed by 255 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about picea pungens, conifers, conifers garden
  3. Luc fenyő csemete ára: Picea abies 2 éves=30 ft/db 3 éves=40 ft/db 4 éves=50 ft/db Ezüstfenyő csemete ára: Picea pungens glauca 2 éves= 50 ft/db 3 éves= 60 ft/db 4 éves= 70 ft/db Extra Dán nordmann fenyőcsemete ára: Abies nordmanniana Vallo FP18 Hededanmark 2 éves= 150 ft/db 3 éves= 200 ft/db 4 éves= 250 ft/d
  4. Molid Argintiu NR. 206 (Picea Pungens Glauca SUPER BLUE) Pret normal: 270,00 Lei . Special Price 249,00 Lei . Nu este in stoc-8%. Nou. Molid Argintiu NR. 176 (Picea Pungens Glauca SUPER BLUE) Pret normal: 270,00 Lei . Special Price 249,00 Lei . Adauga in cos. Trandafir pomișor Peace. 75,00 Lei. Adauga in cos
  5. Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Picea Pungens Hoopsii 40-50cm 5 Litre: Picea Pungens Hoopsii is a highly ornamental decorative easily maintained tree.It wil reach heights at maturity of between 3 and 4 metres. Hoopsii is a blue silvery coniferous tree one of the most handsome of the blue spruce genus
  6. Picea pungens 'Hoopsii' - Ezüstkék fenyő termékünkhöz most 7.990 Ft-os kedvező áron juthat hozzá. Nézzen be hozzánk. Az oldalon cookie-kat használunk a jobb felhasználói élmény biztosítása miatt, engedélyezéséhez kattintson az Elfogadom gombra
  7. Picea pungens 'Super Blue' This superb, stately tree is the most eye-catching of the Colorado Blue Spruce cultivars. Its long, thick, bright silver-blue needles have earned it the reputation as an exceptional specimen tree, with a full, pyramidal form. Very slow growing to a height of about 5 metres in 25 years

The color of the species, Picea pungens, varies from drab green to bright silvery-blue. The silvery-blue forms, Picea pungens var. glauca, are essentially the only ones selected for the ornamentals nursery trade. Their silver-blue color is attributed to the wax that covers the outer surface of the needles Picea Pungens Super Blue. Picea Pungens 'Super Blue' Attractive evergreen conifer that is slow growing, forming a pyramid shape as it matures.Its silver to bright blue needles make it an ideal Christmas tree. The blue intensifies as the tree ages, bringing colour and interest to your garden all year round Picea pungens 'Royal Blue' is a broad, symmetrically upright, robust selection of Colorado spruce with dense, uniform branching and intense, steel-Blue foliage which emerges silver in spring. The needles are highly ornamental and remain steel Blue throughout the winter. After 10 years of growth, a mature specimen will measure 10 feet (3 m) tall and 6 feet (2 m) wide, an annual growth rate of. Buy Picea pungens Blue Diamond/Super Blue (Blue Spruce) online from Jacksons Nurseries. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. ORDER HOTLINE: 01782 50274

Genus Picea are evergreen trees with rigid, needle-like leaves arranged singly all round the shoots, and narrow, leathery-scaled cones borne near the ends of the shoots Details 'Hoopsii' is a small evergreen tree of dense, narrowly conical growth, with rigid, prickly, silvery-blue needle Although Colorado spruce originates in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the USA it has been in wide cultivation in Europe and its colder regions. Blue Diamond is a variety that originated in Deurne, the Netherlands, in 1990 as a hybrid between picea pungens Glauca and picea pungens (seedling). After more than 20 years of testing and reproduction its main features proved stable and the plant. Picea pungens Blue Diamond or Blue Spruce Blue Diamond The Picea pungens Blue Diamond, also commonly referred to as the Blue Spruce Blue Diamond, is a relatively new variety of the classically popular Colorado Blue Spruce tree. It was first developed in Deurne, Netherlands in 1990. It is a hybrid that was created by crossing the female, Picea pungens 'Glauca' with an unknown male Picea. Roundabout Colorado Spruce 'Roundabout' is a compact, green, garden orb. Perhaps its color is better described as viridian - a sort of bluish green. Whatever color you perceive, it is a super hardy, symmetrical addition to the garden - like a spherical topiary that never needs shearing. Slow growing with needles in perfect scale to [ Robust, Picea pungens 'Hoopsii' (Colorado Spruce) is a small evergreen tree of elongated pyramidal habit, densely clothed with long, thick, intense powdery-blue needles. It has a tendency to develop multiple leaders and may look irregularly shaped when young. However, it can be developed into an elegant tree with selective pruning of the redundant lead shoots. A moderate grower, 6-8 in. per.

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Picea pungens 'Super Blue' is a compact variety which will happily grow in a large tub if kept well-watered and fed regularly. Possibly the best blue conifer there is, Super Blue is slow growing with dense, narrowly conical growth, with rigid, prickly, silvery-blue needles, the overall effect is a metallic-like, steely-blue sheen Picea pungens glauca is the original Blue Spruce, a lovely grey blue-tinted conifer with an upright conical-shape. It works well as a freestanding tree in your garden. Easily grown in average, acidic, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Details Picea pungens glauca Write a review about the product Picea pungens 'Super Blue' 3 litre pot and win a National Gardening Gift Voucher of £25 ! Rating: * Your opinion about this product: * Please note: this review is about the product and not about the garden centre, delivery, etc. If you want to share your opinion about our service, positive or negative.

Picea Pungens Super Blue Colorado Spruce Tree 40cm Large in a 3 Litre Pot. £29.99. £5.99 postage. X3 Christmas Tree Plant Saplings( Norway Spruce).approx 10cm-30cm Plug Plants . £11.95. Click & Collect. Free postage. or Best Offer. 1X 3-4FT EXTRA LARGE PICEA PUNGENS EDITH - BLUE COLORADO SPRUCE TREE - 7.5L My mother bought her grandson (my son!) a Picea Pungens Blue Diamond plant last summer (he'd always fancied a blue spruce!). Advice at the garden centre was to give it a good watering throughout the summer ('a bucket every day/other day'). Later in the year, towards the end of Autumn, it started to look a little 'jaded' and my mother remarked.

Picea Pungens Hoopsii. Picea pungens Hoopsii is a real blue Spruce with lovely silvery-green needles. This tree is also known as the Lebanon Spruce. Grown and much appreciated for its ornamental value. Slow growing to approx 6 mt over 15 to 20 years Buy Picea pungens 'Blue Pearl' Miniature Colorado Blue Spruce online mail-order. Blue Pearl is a beautiful rare dwarf conifer commonly called a dwarf miniature colorado blue Spruce. A purchase of Picea pungens 'Blue Pearl' dwarf miniature Colorado Blue Spruce is a true investment in your yard! Blue Pearl is the rare dwarf colorado blue Spruce for you

Slow growing evergreen conifer that stands out in a mixed border owed to its rigid branches of silver-blue foliage.Prefers a neutral to acid, moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Height: 4m Spread: 1.5 Baker' Blue Colorado Spruce is a selected form of the of Colorado spruce (Picea pungens). We find this tree growing in the Rocky Mountains and all high places in the west, from Montana to Arizona. Growing on high mountains means this tree is super-tough, and cold resistant, which is why it is so popular in colder states For this reason, maybe Colorado Blue Spruce need a few years to grow into their blue coloration. Particularly stunning in early summer when bright maroon-colored young cones start to form. Common Names: Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce Botanical Name: Picea pungens 'Glauca' Landscape Use: Screen, Shade, Specimen Mature Height: 30-60 f Some cultivars of Picea pungens produce a lot of bloom, others almost none. Therefore, the coloration is determined almost entirely by the plant's genetics and only very little by its environment. So some cultivars are naturally powder blue, others are blue gray and still others are completely green Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea Pungens Glauca. Christmas Tree.in a 17cm - 2 Litre Pot re Pot. Pot. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Tree Seeds Online - Picea Pungens Glauco. Colorado Blue Spruce. 50 Seeds - 1 Packs. 3.7 out of 5 stars 44

Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling' Blue needles. This beautiful shrub stands out in the garden with its beautiful blue grey sharp needles and strong scent! The tree also works very well as a Christmas tree. The hanging cones on the blue spruce (Picea Pungens) turn from red to purple over time. You can plant the tree all year round, provided. Colorado Blue spruces are my favorite conifer, but, I do not have a spot in my yard for a large tree. I like some of the dwarf picea pungens cultivars, but I'm having an awful hard time finding one in my area. I have some online, but they are quite expensive (I realize this is partly do to dwarfs be..

Picea pungens CHRISTMAS BLUE ('Blue Diamond') Broad pyramidal, medium-size tree with a dense very regular crown growing to approx. 10 m tall and 5 m wide. The bark is grey-brown, later turning black-grey and deeply scaly. Young twigs are light brown. They form a good background for the intense, light blue-grey needles Picea pungens is very variable in the degree of glaucousness (Blue bloom) of its needles. A batch of seedlings will have many shades. The most striking with blue or silvery leaves have been perpetuated by grafting and named. The oldest known clone descends from a tree that grew in Professor Sargent's garden at Harvard

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  1. Description: A slow-growing, conical, evergreen coniferous shrub or small tree with upright or horizontal branches bearing short, silvery blue, glaucous needles. Oblong, green cones in summer mature to pale brown by autumn. History: Received the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Picea Growing Tips: Grows well in most soil types apart from chalk, in moist but well-drained.
  2. I purchased a small Picea pungens - Colorado Blue Spruce Bonsai from my friend Bob Randell who collected the tree in the mountains of Colorado. I had the tree for several years and did nothing with it. I decided to style the tree in 2019 and it looked ok
  3. Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling' Picea abies 'Van Bemmel's Dwarf' Picea pungens 'Hermann Naue' Picea abies 'Nidiformis' Picea abies 'Pygmaea' Picea pungens 'Royal Blue' Revenir au précédent: général. Abonnez-vous à notre newsletter. Recevoir des trucs de jardinage gratuit
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